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New Footage Shows Hamas Fired Rockets From Gaza Hospital (Video)

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Rumors of Hamas indiscriminately launching missiles from schools, mosques and hospitals were proven to be true on Monday when aerial footage showing a rocket launched from a medical center was uploaded to YouTube.

The video was released by Israel after it took out the launchers with pinpoint strikes on Sunday. The residents of the targeted buildings were asked to evacuate prior to the strike.

In the footage, concealed rocket launchers are indicated by a yellow triangle. They appear to be directed adjacent to the Gaza medical center, which is highlighted in red. The places highlighted in blue indicate where the rockets were fired from, which included the Salah Halaf and Ibn Sina schools.

The video shows Hamas rockets being fired from inside the medical center on Saturday, which targeted a region between Jerusalem and the coast known as Shfela.

Additional proof that Hamas uses its own hospitals as rocket-launching sites and weapon storage can be seen in the red circles in the video.

The United Nations has not yet responded to this new information. It is not only shocking that Hamas fires rockets from their own hospitals but also that it uses its civilian population to protect its weapons – a tactic that was verified when the Israeli Defense Forces found a Hamas operational handbook declaring civilians as “human shields."

Sources: Inquisitir, Telegraph


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