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New Documentary Shows Mitt Romney's Reaction to Losing to Obama (Video)

Netflix has released a trailer for its upcoming documentary "Mitt," which followed Republican Mitt Romney's presidential runs in 2008 and 2012, including the moment when he realized the presidency was lost to Obama.

After he gets the bad news, reports that Romney asks his aides, "Someone have a number for the President? I hadn't thought about that."

Romney also doesn't seem to have a concession speech prepared (video below).

Like many candidates, Romney comes across more personable behind the scenes than he ever did in public. He is humorous, self-effacing and describes himself as the "flippin' Mormon" candidate.

He also admits how President Obama is "a very good debater" and "much more effective" than the Republican candidates in the primary.

At one point Romney laments his campaign: "This is like trying convince people that Dan Quayle is smart. You're not going to convince them that Dan Quayle is smart."

He also addresses the "flip-flopping" accusations of his opponents and adds, "I think I'm a flawed candidate."

While Romney's sons are very supportive, his wife Ann is both angry and intense. She appears to take defeat far more personal than her husband.

According to, the documentary was directed by Greg Whitley, a friend of the Romney family, who shows unguarded moment of Romney sleeping on the floor of an airplane and trying to iron a shirt that he's wearing (with painful results).

"Mitt" will open at the Sundance Film Festival Jan. 17, 2014 and air on Netflix on Jan. 24.

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