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Map: How Much Of Each State's Revenue Comes From Federal Aid

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A new analysis revealed which states relied the most on the federal government, and determined that one in every three dollars in state revenue comes from federal aid.

The research, conducted by the Tax Foundation, showed that while taxes make up most of a state’s revenue, the federal government funds about 31.5 percent of it. Mississippi was determined to be the most reliant, with 45.3 percent of the state’s general revenue coming from D.C.

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Other states high on the list include Alabama, with 36.5 percent of its revenue being federal aid. It is the ninth most reliant state in the country. Alaska was found to be the least reliant, with assistance making up only 20 percent of its revenue.

According to the Washington Post, the Tax Foundation’s research was compiled through Census data published in December. To calculate their findings, the foundation “divided the ‘intergovernmental revenue’ each state received from the federal government by the state’s ‘general revenue’ total.”

Louisiana was determined to be the second most reliant, and Tennessee ranked third.

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