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Nevada Tea Party Lawmaker Tells Republican 'Sit Your Ass Down' (Video)

The Nevada Assembly voted down a bill endorsed by controversial rancher Cliven Bundy on Tuesday night.

The vote was 8-34 against AB 408, which would have taken away the federal government's water rights and ability to use public land in Nevada without first getting permission from the state, reported the Associated Press.

However, Nevada's Legislative Council Bureau ruled that AB 408 was "constitutionally invalid," noted

That didn't stop Republican Tea Party Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore from fighting for her bill, and telling Republican Assemblyman Chris Edwards to sit his "ass down and be quiet," noted the Reno Gazette-Journal (video below).

Edwards was expressing his concerns about AB 408:

I have major problems with the constitutionality of it. I do have a lot of problems wondering why we’re setting up a separate fund for some purposes for the attorney general to do some kind of business that seems to violate the Supremacy Clause, which is kind of strange, since I know [Fiore] has great respect for the Constitution and our federal system.

Edwards added that more taxes would be needed for the fund, which meant lawmakers would have to break their no-tax pledges and be written up in "a little blog."

Fiore fired back, "Mr. Speaker, can you stop this circus with the Assemblyman from District 19?”

Fiore then told Edwards, "Can you just sit your ass down and be quiet?”

Fiore apologized to the Assembly, but has not personally apologized to Edwards.

Some accused Edwards of goading Fiore, but he told the Reno Gazette-Journal, "I asked legitimate questions the entire night long. I was focused on the issues and the concerns of my constituents. Every question was fair and I was just looking for an honest answer."

Assembly Speaker John Hambrick said, "It was a break in decorum and I think she realizes that. She apologized."

(Note: Conflict begins building at 4:00 mark)

Sources: Associated Press, Reno Gazette-Journal,
Image Credit: Nevada Assembly Screenshot


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