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Nevada Republican Hopes His Kids Won't Be 'Drain On Society' With 'Disability' (Video)

Rep. Cresent Hardy was recently caught on camera saying he hoped his children would never be a "drain on society" because of a "disability."

The Nevada Republican reportedly made the comments during a speech (video below) at the Libertarian Political Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, notes His statements were uploaded to YouTube by the Nevada State Democratic Party.

Hardy stated:

"I have three children. One of them is summa cum laude and two were magna cum laude. The other one didn’t need an education. He works for Raytheon, smarter than all the rest because he works hard. He builds things that are genius. Some people have that ability and I’m grateful (inaudible) I don’t know where that came from."

Raytheon is a defense contractor that makes hundreds of millions of dollars building weapons of mass destruction for the U.S., noted Politico, and also exports weapons to other countries, reported The Boston Globe.

Hardy added:

"But they all work hard. They are raising their own families. They're doing their own things. They will not be a drain on society, the best they can. Hopefully they will never have some disability that causes them to have to utilize that."

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Zach Hudson responded with a statement:

"If Cresent Hardy wants to talk about 'drains on society,' he should point a finger at his buddy, deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy, not disabled children. Hardy has compared employment non-discrimination laws to 'segregation,' agreed with Mitt Romney that 47 percent of the American people are 'freeloaders,' and now called children with disabilities 'drains on society.' Cresent Hardy’s comments are outrageous and he owes an immediate apology to every Nevadan with a disability."

Sources: The Boston Globe, Politico,, Nevada State Democratic Party
Image Credit: U.S. House of Representatives


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