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Nevada Lawmaker Claims Racism Is Over, Calls Black Lawmaker 'Colored' (Video)

The Nevada Assembly’s Legislative Operations and Elections Committee recently debated two bills that would require residents to present a state-approved ID before voting.

Several Republican lawmakers expressed disbelief at the notion of someone not being able to produce an ID card to vote, even though these types of laws have been shown to adversely affect the elderly, low income people (homeless) and minorities, noted Pro Publica.

“I just don’t see why it’s a hardship,” Assemblywoman Jill Dickman (R) said, noted the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) claimed that race was no longer an issue, and used Assemblyman Harvey Munford (D), who is black, to prove her point, reported (video below).

Fiore said:

I didn't experience what you and Mr. Munford did, but I can tell you the great respect I have for my peer Mr. Munford being the first colored man to graduate his college. We’re in 2015 and we have a black president, in case anyone didn’t notice. So the color and the race issue, I think it’s time that we put that to rest.

Fiore added that she would take homeless people to get IDs.

(Note: Fiore makes comment at 4:50 mark)

Sources: Las Vegas Review-Journal,, Pro Publica
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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