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Nev. GOP Winner Sharron Angle: Bring Back Alcohol Prohibition

Sharron Angle, the winner of the NV GOP Senate race, has said NO to the legalization of booze.

This is an amazing fact given that 'booze' has been legal in this country since just after prohibition. It is also amazing given the fact that Ms. Angle is from Las Vegas. I am hoping that Ms. Angle is aware of the amount of 'booze' consumed in the Casino industry, in her hometown.

But since she just won the GOP nod in a GOP town, they must know how she feels about 'booze'. Can you imagine a casino without 'booze'?

The Las Vegas I knew is really changing. Now they want to pay their doctors with chickens, according to Sue Lowden (she ran for senate as well and was part of the casino industry as well), keep booze from being legal, and begin practicing celibacy (according to the Governor, that is the best way for leaders to avoid controversy, it has apparently worked for him). Wow!

Soon to be gone are the smoke filled casinos, free flowing booze, and health care that is covered by insurance. No more nights that belong only to Vegas ..... there will be nothing left to tell.

No secret trysts, celibacy is the new order of the day. Make sure that you have proper id with you at all times, you are just minutes away from AZ, start drinking in private, it's going to be the new way in Vegas, leave your libido at home, (celibacy is the word of the day), and by all means stay healthy!


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