Accusations Of Fraud At Nevada Democratic Convention


Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont were at odds with supporters of Hillary Clinton and accused the Nevada Sate Democratic Party of "rigging" the convention in favor of Clinton.

Clinton beat Sanders in the Nevada caucus on Feb. 20 by about 5 percent of the vote. But Nevada has a complicated delegate structure, requiring two more conventions to ultimately decide who and how many delegates each candidate gets to send to the national Democratic Party convention.

In April, during the first of these conventions, Sanders supporters outnumbered and out-organized Clinton supporters, leading the Vermont Senator to obtaining an edge in the number of delegates to go to the state level and, ultimately the national level, even though he technically lost the initial caucus.

But during the Nevada Sate Democratic Convention on May 14, several accusations were thrown by both Clinton and Sanders supporters. These accusations included everything from chair-throwing to fraud, according to the Associated Press. And on Twitter, various unfounded rumors were thrown about, including a person who needed medical attention being depicted as a victim of violence, although it turned out the health of the person was unrelated to any incidents at the convention, according to the Washington Post.

The main point of contention for Sanders supporters, however, was that 64 of their delegates were denied entry and therefore not counted. Clinton ended up winning the delegate count, 1,662 to 1,693, a difference of only 21, according to the Las Vegas Sun. Had the Sanders delegates who were rejected been admitted, it would have been enough to flip the delegate vote in Sanders' favor.

State party officials said those delegates weren't admitted because they couldn't show proof that they were registered Democrats prior to the May 1 deadline. They also said eight Clinton delegates were denied for the same reason, the Sun reported.

Sanders supporters demanded the delegates be reconsidered, which the state party officials refused to do. That led to Sanders supporters refusing to leave the casino ballroom.

“Call the police! Arrest them!” screamed a Clinton supporter, according to the Sun,

Police then showed up and forced the Sanders supporters to leave.

Sources: Associated Press via CBS News, Washington Post, Las Vegas Sun / Photo credit: Christopher Devargas/Las Vegas Sun

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