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Nevada Conservative Len Semas Says Women With Jobs To Blame For Male Unemployment, ADD, Kids Who Build Bombs

Republicans in Nevada are funny. They keep saying things that they aren’t supposed to say, but apparently originate somewhere in the party’s subconscious.

First it was State Assemblyman Pat Hickey who back in September went on the radio and said that because he expects fewer minorities and younger people to vote in 2014, “it’s a great year for Republicans.”

His statements came at a time when the national Republican Party is trying to rebrand itself as more friendly to minority and youth voters.

Hickey’s unfortunate remarks were followed by those uttered by Assemblyman Jim Wheeler who told a group of constituents that, if they wanted him to, he would vote to bring back human slavery.

Now comes Len Semas, conservative publisher of the Sierra Sage magazine with a round of remarks so outrageous that they caused the state’s Republican governor to cancel a party fundraising speech to avoid being seen as endorsing Semas’s beliefs himself.

Semas appeared on a radio panel discussion last Thursday on KNRG, a station which labels itself “renegade radio.” Several other Nevada conservatives were on the panel as well. At one point in the conversation, Semas referred to what he said was a Wall Street Journal article about the rising jobless rate among men.

Semas appeared to blame this unfortunate economic phenomenon on women entering the workforce rather than staying home and raising kids as they are “biologically” meant to do.

He also appeared to blame Attention Deficit Disorder and violence on women who hold jobs rather than stay at home.

“There are a lot of social conditions, a lot of social changes, that have occurred in the last 50 years and they parallel women leaving their home occupations as mothers and homemakers and entering the workforce,” he said. “There is a special role that women take on, biologically, as the bearers of children and the nurturers of children. I don’t know that we haven’t created problems in society by ignoring that important role. ADD and various learning disabilities, hyperactive kids, kids building bombs in their garage.”

None of the other panel members expressed any disagreement. In fact one, Sean Barnhill, lamented the fact that for women, “career seems to be more important” than children.

Washoe County Republican Chair Tom Taber asked the panel, ““Does it matter whether the mom is at home or the dad is at home?”

“It does!” the Republicans replied.

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