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Conservative Super PAC CEO: GOP Voters 'Hate' Party Establishment

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The CEO of one of the most influential conservative Super PACs in politics said in an interview on Aug. 2 that conservative members of the Republican Party are trusting the Republican establishment less and less.

Michael Needham, the CEO of Heritage Action for America, spoke with Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace on Sunday morning to discuss the current Republican presidential field and GOP voters, who Needham claims are “sick” of the establishment characters in the party.

“Most Republican voters hate their party, and that’s what needs to be addressed,” Needham said. “People are sick of this. It’s a game.”

Needham explained the reasoning for Donald Trump’s high polling numbers, saying that Trump’s personal wealth and political outsider status have allowed the outspoken presidential candidate to break away from the control of GOP leadership.

“Donald Trump is a symptom of a party who has decided they will govern based on special interests,” Needham said.

“The reason Donald Trump is getting enthusiasm is that he’s ticking off all of the right people,” he added of establishment Republicans, such as former Florida Gov.Jeb Bush.

Needham encouraged Trump’s candidacy and said it was time for a candidate to be picked that represents the entire GOP voter field.

“There’s going to be a candidate who says it’s time for us to change. That candidate is going to be someone who unites traditional Republicans, the Tea Party, Independents and even former Democrats,” he said.

Needham made headlines in the fall of 2013 during the last government shutdown. At that time, he was pushing Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas to continue fighting against the implementation of the Affordable Care Act by filibustering legislation to fund national parks and pay government employees. Needham spoke to the Wall Street Journal shortly after the shutdown occurred.

“I think people who don’t follow politics as closely as you and I do, which is most normal people, only pay attention when something major’s going on, he said at the time. "Why is there a government shutdown going on? Because the Republican Party wants to get rid of ObamaCare."

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Hill

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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