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NC Reps. Meadows and Pittenger Turn Down Federal Subsidies For Personal Health Insurance

Two North Carolina GOP Congressmen have announced that they will turn down federal support that would be used to purchase premium health insurance coverage on the Affordable Care Act health care exchange market.

The congressmen are Mark Meadows and Robert Pittenger. Meadows spoke about the decision at a town hall meeting in his home state this week.

“The administration has announced that congressional members and their staff could get subsidies” for taking part in the ACA, Meadows said. He and his staff gave turned the subsidies down because “The standard that we have for Main Street should be the same standard for Washington, D.C.”

Many have been critical of the ACA’s exemption allowing for separate healthcare policies for members of congress. Meadows has been working with other House Republicans in recent months to defund the ACA.

“I don't know why we should exempt business and still force individuals to pay for health insurance,” he said.

Meadows said that the House will pass legislation by the end of September that will fund government healthcare expenses, but that the legislation will hopefully not be a part of the ACA.

At one point, one of Meadow’s constituents asked him if he and fellow House Republicans had a viable alternative to the ACA. Meadows responded by saying that he would structure health care reform to cover pre-existing conditions, provide more insurance portability for those who change jobs, allow competition among insurers across state lines, and establish community health care systems to serve the uninsured.

Sources: Daily KOS, Blue Ridge Now


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