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Man Who Shot Bin Laden Slams Deputy Press Secretary

Man Who Shot Bin Laden Slams Deputy Press Secretary Promo Image

The Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden slammed the Trump administration's Sarah Huckabee Sanders for praising the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Sanders, the White House deputy press secretary, chided the media for focusing on Russia at the expense of "the success at the VA," a comment that enraged Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill, reports the Daily Mail.

"I just heard Sarah Huckabee talk about 'successes' at the VA," tweeted O'Neill. "PLEASE explain and I would LOVE to debate you. VA is a damn insult to vets!!"

"I'm a combat vet... killed UBL.. and I PAY FOR PRIVATE healthcare ..most vets CAN'T afford it!" he added.

O'Neil rose to fame after selling the story of how he and his team executed Bin Laden. He now makes a living off it and is able to afford private health insurance, unlike other veterans.

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The Navy SEAL grew so outraged by Sanders' assertion, he continued to post even more tweets bashing the VA.

In one of them, he recalled how somebody stole his wallet at a VA hospital during a CAT scan once.

"My beef is that the VA are the worst hospitals ANYWHERE," he tweeted. "Don't get up there and defend their 'successes'. They suck. Thieves and very bad people."

At one point, O'Neil personally attacked Sanders, although later admitted he may have been too hard on her.

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"I want to invite [Sarah Huckabee Sanders] to go with me to any VA to see how awful they are," he wrote. "I'm sure daddy got you better healthcare...and that job!"

Sanders' father is former presidential candidate and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

O'Neill's comments drew a flurry of comments on social media. Some criticized the Navy SEAL for his remarks.

"This guy is making me think about NOT advocating so strongly for our military in the future," wrote one Daily Mail reader. "Somebody needs to talk some sense into his entitled head."

"This guy thinks that because he killed Osama (allegedly) he deserves special treatment at the VA or something," added a second. "No Vet is better than any other at the VA."

"How sad," wrote a third. "A man many of us admired now comes out as a self promoting publicity seeker willing to criticize."

Others defended him from the online attacks.

"Why are you turning against our country, against people that defend us every day!" commented one. "What's the point? Why party over country?"

"I'm glad he clarified what the VA is really like and set Huckabee straight," added another. "I don't understand why ALL administrations have always turned a blind eye to what a disaster the VA is, and our vets should receive great medical care because they deserve it."

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