Navy Seal Dog a Hero: Helped Take Down Osama Bin Laden

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We've heard just how hard it is to become an elite member of the U.S. Navy Seals. Now there's news of a super dog who managed to make the cut: He came along on the now infamous mission into Pakistan and helped take down the world's most wanted man, according to the Sun newspaper in Britain.

The dog, who was strapped to one of the human assault-team members, was brought along for its explosive-sniffing capability and ability to relay images to troops. It had armor to protect against knives and an infrared night-vision camera.

The use of dogs isn't a secret in America's continued War on Terror. German Shepherds have been used on operations in Afghanistan as well.

According to the Sun: "The animals will attack anyone carrying a weapon and have become a pivotal part of special operations as they crawl unnoticed into tunnels or rooms to hunt for enemy combatants. The cameras on their heads beam live TV pictures back to the troops, providing them with critical information and warning of ambushes."


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