Nativo Lopez: Judge Denies MAPA Chief's Effort to Delay Trial

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Nativo Lopez, President of the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA), made one last attempt on May 24 to delay start of his L.A. Superior Court trial for eight felony counts related to voter fraud.

Soon after the case was called, Judge George Lomeli ordered the courtroom cleared for a Mardsen hearing. Deputy District Attorney Juliet Schmidt explained, “This is a private hearing with the judge where the defendant voices his objections to his public defender and asks that he be removed as his attorney of record.”  If his request were granted Lopez would be allowed to defend himself or obtain private counsel.

Upon reaching the hallway, about two dozen Nativo supporters joined hands, closed their eyes and prayed.

Court reconvened shortly, and Judge Lomeli affirmed that Deputy Public Defender John Powers would continue to represent Nativo Lopez. All parties were ordered to return to Dept. 123 at 8:30 on June 20.  At that time the case will be referred to Dept. 100, where the Supervising Judge will assign the trial to an available court.

When asked if he agreed with the date, Nativo advised Judge Lomeli, “I don’t want you to interpret my response as contentious, but I will accept the Public Defender upon conditions…”  An obviously impatient Judge Lomeli retorted that the Court is not inclined to accept his conditions and he can appeal later.

On the political front, Los Angeles blog, Mayor Sam’s Sister City, commented on May 1, 2011,  that  “Mere Hundreds turn out for Amnesty/May Day Rally in Downtown LA,” and alludes to “Chicano/Amnesty Activist Larry ‘Nativo’ Lopez’s” recent mental-competency tribulations.

Nativo Lopez’ prepared speech for the 2010 May Day march and rally in Los Angeles, “Legalization or No Re-election,” appears on

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