National Republican Senatorial Committee Tweets ‘Extremely Offensive’ Photo of Alison Grimes


An article that featured the face of Alison Grimes, Kentucky’s Secretary of State, photoshopped on the body of “Obama Girl” was tweeted out by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and retweeted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's political director.

"We agree; it's extremely offensive," Brook Hougesen an NRSC spokeswoman said. "It was a mistake made by a junior staffer and disciplinary action has been taken. We took corrective action as soon as it was brought to our attention and have taken steps to ensure it will never happen again."

The Minneapolis Star Tribune notes that Grimes is the Democratic front-runner for her party's nomination to take on McConnell, who also faces a GOP primary challenger in Matt Bevin.

The blog post that was on the blog Bluegrass Bulletin claims that Grimes is the new "Obama Girl" because she attended a fundraiser benefiting the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, according to the Huffington Post.

"As I have said, I am proud to wear a dress," Grimes said in a statement about the tweet. "And as Kentucky's more than two million women know, it is not what is in the dress that matters. It is what is in the head, and I will stack my head up against Sen. McConnell's any day."

The Huffington Post also notes that this was not the first time that the NRSC has made a gender-based attack on Grimes. Earlier this year, the group's communications director, Brad Dayspring, called her an "empty dress" in an interview with The Hill.

Sources: Huffington Post, Minneapolis Star Tribune


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