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National Organization For Marriage Suggests Gays are 'Forces of Evil' (Audio)

While appearing on the "Drew Mariani Radio Show" yesterday, Thomas Peters, the National Organization For Marriage's Communication Director, appeared to be calling homosexuals the "forces of evil" while talking about the Minnesota State Senate's recent vote to approve gay marriage (audio below).

After encouraging Minnesotans to vote out politicians who voted for gay marriage, Peters said: "They've overextended themselves. I think the one thing we can rely upon is the forces of evil always get greedy and then they give us an opportunity to fight back," reports the Human Rights Campaign.

Marian added: "I do believe in the end that good conquers evil."

After appearing on the radio show, Peters tweeted: "gay marriage activists claim I'm motivated by animus towards them. yet when my side scores a victory I don't go say hateful things to them."

Sources: Human Rights Campaign, Twitter, ABC News


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