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National Association for Gun Rights' Email Campaign Points Gun at Pres. Obama’s Head

Controversy is swirling over an email campaign launched this week by the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR).

The email (below) features Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a rifle pointing at President Obama’s head and a warning about an imaginary “million rifle ban” that the president is supposedly planning with the U.N.

The NAGR website also features an image of a gun pointing at Pres. Obama’s head, next to an image of Sec. of State Hillary Clinton (left).

President Obama has not advocated for any form of national gun ban, but has signed several measures that enhance the rights of gun owners, such as allowing guns to be carried in national parks.

Yet that hasn't stopped groups like the NRA from saying Obama's real anti-gun intentions will materialize after his re-election.

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