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Nancy Pelosi Stumbles Through Response After Teen Asks About The NSA

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Nancy Pelosi was caught off guard by an ambitious teenage reporter who was bold enough to ask her tough, important questions during a meeting in Washington D.C. last month.

The teenager, 16-year-old Andrew Demeter from Cleveland, Ohio, was able to meet with Pelosi as a result of his award-winning entry to C-Span’s “StudentCam” documentary competition, according to Demeter’s own website. 

Demeter also runs a YouTube channel called TeenTake, and he used his meeting with Pelosi as an opportunity to question her regarding the controversial metadata collection practices of the National Security Agency.

“Why do you support the NSA’s illegal and ubiquitous data collection?” Demeter asks.

Pelosi’s response is as follows, although the many “ums” and stammering that can be viewed in the video have been redacted for clarity: “Well I have questions about the metadata collection that they were collecting, unless they had a reason to do so. I didn’t support Amash - that resolution - I didn’t think that was the appropriate resolution. But I do think that the burden is on the department and I have fought them for years on the wide swath that they have put out there.” 

To her credit, Pelosi was also clear in informing Demeter that the existence of the NSA itself does not violate the Fourth Amendment, although many of its policies should come under further scrutiny. 

This was a message echoed by NSA document leaker Edward Snowden in his recent interview with Brian Williams, in which he explained that the NSA and its employees have been unfairly demonized due to their metadata collection practices. 

Demeter describes himself as a “sociopolitical and investigative reporter who challenges the status quo,” and the complete story about his interaction with C-Span in order to obtain the footage is definitely interesting and worth reading in full. 


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