Romney-Ryan Rift Features Namecalling like 'Stench' and 'Gilligan'

There are reports of a rift between Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan and Presidential running mate Mitt Romney.

According to some news reports, Rep. Ryan has nicknamed Romney “Stench,” while staffers on the Romney campaign refer to Rep. Ryan as “Gilligan,” reports RawStory.com.

Apparently, the nicknames started after the former political director of the Republican Party of Iowa, Craig Robinson, told the New York Times: “I hate to say this, but if Ryan wants to run for national office again, he’ll probably have to wash the stench of Romney off of him.”

Politico.com's Roger Simon reported that while Ryan “had already decided to distance himself from the floundering Romney campaign, he now feels totally uninhibited." Simon wrote that Rep. Ryan said: "If Stench calls, take a message" and "Tell Stench I’m having finger sandwiches with Peggy Noonan and will text him later.’”

Meanwhile, Romney senior campaign officials in Boston are calling Rep. Ryan “Gilligan" because he is seen as an intellectual lightweight.

The turning point allegedly came last Friday when Rep. Ryan addressed the AARP and got boos from the crowd when he vowed to "repeal Obamacare.”

Romney campaign officials had reportedly ordered Rep. Ryan to stick to the script provided for him. Rep. Ryan also went off script by delivering his stump speech as a PowerPoint presentation.

When the Romney campaign got angry, Politico.com claimed that Rep. Ryan responded, “Let Ryan be Ryan and Stench be Stench.”


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