Mykyta Panasenko Arrested With Two Bombs in NY Eight Days Before Boston Bombings


A New Jersey man carrying two homemade bombs was arrested at a Hoboken train station only eight days before the Boston Marathon bombings, Jersey City Police Chief Peter Nalbach announced Thursday.

Mykyta Panasenko, 27, of Jersey City, was arrested on April 7th aboard a New Jersey transit train en route to Suffern, New York. The native of Kiev, Ukraine, was reportedly armed with two explosive devices, according to police.

Nalbach also announced that investigators – acting on a tip from someone close to Panasenko – found material at the suspect’s home “that may have been used to make an explosive device.”

According to the criminal complaint, Panasenko is charged with having "two destructive devices, specifically improvised explosive devices (IEDs) constructed from a cylinder containing Pyrodex (black powder)" on April 5.

Panasenko was also charged with "recklessly creating widespread risk of injury or damage to a building which normally contains 25 or more persons by constructing the explosive devices,” according to The Jersey Journal.

The suspect’s Linkedin page states he attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick and worked as a mathematician at High 5 Games, a company that makes casino games.

News of the arrest comes after reports which indicate the Tsarnaev brothers, the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, had also made plans to set off bombs in Manhattan.

Sources: The Jersey Journal, Huffington Post


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