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Museum Says Painting In Trump's NYC Apartment Is Fake (Photos)

Museum Says Painting In Trump's NYC Apartment Is Fake (Photos) Promo Image

Experts say a famous painting in President Donald Trump's apartment is a fake.

The painting in question is "Two Sisters (On The Terrace)," by the French impressionist master Pierre-Auguste Renoir, reports the Daily Mail.

While the president claims the painting on the wall in his Trump Tower penthouse is authentic, the original is actually hanging in the Art Institute of Chicago, according to museum spokeswoman Amanda Hicks.

Hicks says the original painting was given to the Art Institute in 1933 by Annie Swan Corburn, who bought it from Paul Durand-Ruel for $100,000 -- it is reported that Durand-Ruel received it from Renoir himself in 1881.

Trump biographer Tim O'Brien, who grew up in Chicago, was familiar with the painting from seeing it at the Art Institute, as he explained on a segment of Vanity Fair's "Inside the Hive" podcast.

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He first saw Trump's copy when it hung in the billionaire's private jet. On that occasion, Trump reportedly told O'Brien, "You know, that's an original Renoir."

The next time O'Brien saw Trump's allegedly fake Renoir was after the 2016 presidential election, when Trump was interviewed on "60 Minutes."

As then-president-elect Trump sat on a mini-throne during the interview, the painting could be seen hanging on a wall in the background, where the masterpiece looks out of place, except for its gold frame.  

"I'm sure he's still telling people who come into the apartment, 'It's an original, it's an original,'" said O'Brien in the podcast. "He believes his own lies in a way that lasts for decades. He'll tell the same stories time and time again, regardless of whether or not facts are right in front of his face."

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O'Brien's biography of Trump, "TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald," resulted in the author being sued by the book's subject, observes Vanity Fair.

In the book, O'Brien claimed that Trump was not actually a multi-billionaire, but instead is worth about $150 to $250 million.

Trump filed a lawsuit against O'Brien, accusing him of "malice." Trump lost the case.

A detailed record of the provenance of the "Two Sisters" painting is published on the Art Institute of Chicago's website::  

Sold by the artist to Durand-Ruel, Paris, July 7, 1881, for 1,500 francs. Sent by Durand-Ruel, Paris, to Durand-Ruel, New York, 1922. Sold by Durand-Ruel, New York, to Mrs. Lewis Larned (Annie Swan) Coburn, Chicago, Feb. 4, 1925, for $100,000. Bequeathed by Mrs. Lewis Larned (Annie Swan) Coburn (died 1932) to the Art Institute of Chicago, 1933.

The transactions cited in the summary are supported by 500 words of footnotes.

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