MSNBC: Bruce Rauner Beating Pat Quinn Definitely Hurt Obama


As expected, the 2014 midterm elections proved to be a massacre. Republicans soundly defeated Democrats en route to control of the Senate and a wave of momentum unlike anything the party has seen in a long time.

The one strategy that many of the Democrats running yesterday seemed to have in common was trying to get away from President Obama. They did not want to be tied to his rollout of Obamacare, primarily, but they also were not particularly keen on being tied to a foreign policy that the majority of Americans are not satisfied with.

The one notable Democrat who was not afraid to associate with President Obama was Pat Quinn. While running for the governorship of Illinois, the incumbent wrapped his arms around the Commander-in-Chief.

It didn’t work out well for him.

Republican Bruce Rauner toppled Quinn Tuesday night, and despite everything that they had seen leading up to it, that is the result that stunned MSNBC’s election night panel the most.

“This is amazing,” Chris Matthews remarked when the final tally came down.

Andrea Mitchell agreed.

“There’s no way that you can’t call it a blow to President Obama because he campaigned for him,” Mitchell said. “That was one race that the President really did want to win.”

Check out video of their reactions below.

Source: The Blaze / Photo Credit: Associated Press


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