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Morris the Cat Runs for Mayor, Promises to Do Nothing

A cat named Morris is running for mayor of a Mexican town promising “Xalapa Without Rats.”

Elections in the state of Veracruz will be held July 7. Nominated by two cynical young men, if elected Morris plans to sleep and do nothing – essentially what they believe all politicians do.

Frustrated with local officials, supporters said at least Morris attempts to clean up his mess and not leave it out for others to step in.

Morris’s Facebook page, “El Candigato Morris,” has more than 47,000 likes. His Facebook stats are beating three of the four main candidates running against him.

The men running his campaign told Milenio they are frustrated with the political process with “surveys with ‘fake’ results” and “the annulment of the PAN-PRD coalition in state elections, a coalition which, if met, would have created an opposition Congress.”

PAN is Mexico’s National Action Party and the PRD is the Party of the Democratic Revoliton. PRD-rival the The Institutional Revolutionary Party or PRI has been a powerful force in Mexico for 70 years.

In May, The Economist reported a PRI scandal in Veracruz, including “allegations that senior members of the PRI in the eastern state of Veracruz were up to one of the party’s oldest tricks. Damning video footage showed them apparently planning to use handouts from federal anti-poverty programmes—which one official called “gold dust”—to buy votes in upcoming local elections.”

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