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This State Has More Registered Voters Than Adults in Four Counties

Four Alabama counties have more registered voters than its "voting age" population reported by the U.S. Census, according to a report.

In March, three months ahead of the primary, Greene, Hale, Lowndes and Macon counties had more active registered voters than voting age adults on the 2012 census, reports.

Officials say a primary reason for that is undercounting by the census.

Republican Alabama Secretary of State Jim Bennett claims the discrepancies are evidence of widespread voter fraud.

“Every duplicate name and every bad address is just an opportunity for crooks to attempt to manipulate our elections,” Bennett said.

Bennett sponsored a bill to set up a voter filing system as a state senator in 1989.

“Purging voter rolls is a painstaking process that takes time and money and a great deal of care,” Bennett said in an email. “But the end result is worth it in the pursuit of elections that voters can trust.”

Similar voter fraud accusations were made in Alabama in 2008 in three largely black counties, including Lowndes.

Alabama has new voter photo ID requirements that take effect June 3, the day of the primary.

Sources:, USA Today, New York Times


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