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More M.P.s in Canada, More Whining en Francais

Quebecers must thank God for the internet. Thanks to the virtual world of instantaneous communications, they can get their whining and crying out to the rest of us much faster than before.

In the old days, the ever-disgruntled in la Belle province had to rely on entities such as the leftist Globe & Mail or the ever-eager C.B.C. as vehicles to dictate their terms to the rest of Canada. Now, they can almost rapid-fire their bitching online.

Case in point, today’s announcement by the Conservative government that they will introduce legislation that willincrease the number of seats in Parliament by thirty. I have grave concerns any time a government looks to get bigger, but that’s for another time.

Looking at the breakdown, Ontario will get 18 more seats, British Columbia will increase by seven, Alberta by five.

Given the boom to the population of Western Canada over the past 10-15 years through international immigration and migration from other parts of the country, the rise of M.P.s in the West is understandable, especially in the case of Alberta.

The province has grown significantly, and Calgary has become the new power center of the nation. Sorry Toronto, but it’s true.

I can’t for the life of me find a non-political reason for the huge hike in Ontario M.P.’s. Again, that’s for another time.

What stood out right from the moment Minister of Democratic Reform Steven Fletcher made the announcement was the absence of something: Quebec.

And boy, did they notice.

No change for in the number of M.P.s meant instant complaining from the predominantly French province. We are being ignored! What about our interests? Unfair! Unfair!


Never one to miss an opportunity to exploit a situation that could be even remotely damaging to Stephen Harper and his Tories, the C.B.C. hit the ground running, suggesting that Harper ‘maybe has given up on trying to make inroads…’ in la province de bébés.

To be fair, you may forgive the C.B.C. for assuming a federal government would have ‘kissing Quebec’s ass’ as a priority given the habit of previous administrations.

Quebecers are already filling the airwaves with claims that ‘the balance of power’ is in danger. One question: Balance of power between who?

I’ve heard this line forever and it has never made sense. Either Quebec is an equal part of Canada - equal to the provinces, not to the entire nation - or they are not part of the country at all.

Many Canadians feel Quebec holds too much power for one province as it is, and have said so time and again.

The rejection of agreements by Canadians which would have officially made Quebec part of Canada by having their signature on the Constitution at a cost of disproportionate power being placed in their hands, such as a veto over federal law, is proof.

Some Quebecers will always demand special treatment for the simple reason that they feel that they deserve it just for being French or Quebecois or whatever.

The truth that Quebecers cannot accept is that if they are to be part of this nation, they are to be no more important than any other province, ‘distinct society’ or no ‘distinct society’.

Equality or you can go on your own.

Anything different would be un-Canadian.


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