According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, a majority of Americans see Barack Obama’s presidency as a failure.

The poll’s reviews closely mirror Obama’s approval ratings: nearly 52% of the poll’s respondents indicated that his six years in office have been a failure, and 51% express disproval with Obama in approval ratings.

In comparison, a much lower 42% of poll respondents say that he has had a successful presidency. The same percentage—42%—is recorded as Obama’s approval rating.

When only registered voters are polled, the gap between those who look at his presidency as a failure and those who regard it as a success becomes even wider: 55% and 39%, respectively. Of that 55%, 41% indicated that they “strongly” believe Obama has been a failure.

The numbers also reveal undeniable discontent amongst both political parties.

Unsurprisingly, 92% of conservative Republicans believe Obama has been a failure. However, standing in contrast to that number are the 22% of self-identified conservatives who say Obama has been a success. Furthermore, nearly have of self-identified moderates believe Obama has been a success.

Interestingly, a quarter of Democrats polled replied that Obama is a failure. An even higher percentage—29%—of liberals believe that Obama is a failure.

As The Blaze reports, these figures carry particular significance because they are part of the president’s own party and presumably voted for him in 2008 and 2012.

The poll was conducted Sept. 4-7 with 1,001 adults on landlines and cellphones.

Sources: The Blaze, The Washington Post, Politico

Photo Sources: Scrape TV, Yahoo News


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