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More Than 99 Percent Of Visitors Didn’t Enroll In Obamacare During First Week

The number of people who actually completed enrollment in Obamacare on the website during its first week of operation was extremely low.

The Hill reports that according to a new analysis, fewer than 1 percent of people who visited the site in its first week actually enrolled for coverage under ObamaCare.

The consulting firm Kantar US Insights estimated that out of about 9.5 million unique visitors to the site, only about 36,000 people completed the enrollment process by Oct. 5.

Traffic to the site reportedly also decreased by an astounding 88 percent between Oct. 1 and Oct. 13 as users ran into difficulties with the system.

An infographic found on Compete that is sourced to Millwood Brown Digital adds some numbers for more perspective. It shows that through Oct. 5, 3.72 million people attempted to register on, but only 1.01 million people actually completed the registration. It also shows that of the 196,000 people who began the enrollment process, only 36,000 completed it.

Compete also reports that was clearly unprepared to handle the huge spike in traffic witnessed on Oct. 1st when it was visited by 0.9 percent (or 1 in 114) of everyone online in the U.S. This is roughly equivalent to the daily traffic on

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) initially attributed the site’s technical issues to the high amount of users before acknowledging that there were some system errors. Parts of the site were taken down to make repairs.

Sources: The Hill, Compete


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