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Montana Lt. Gov. John Walsh 'Likes' Facebook Breast Page, Accidentally

Montana Lieutenant Governor John Walsh (D) reportedly clicked ‘Like’ on a Facebook page dedicated to women’s breasts on Aug 19.

According to, Walsh’s Facebook page noted that he "likes Breasts.Proof men can multitask2."

After the "Like" appeared on his page, Walsh’s Facebook page briefly vanished, but not before an unidentified Republican grabbed a screenshot (pictured).

When Walsh’s Facebook page returned, the "like" for "Breasts.Proof men can multitask2" was gone.

"This was spam and an unintentional accident. Once the Lt. Gov. knew that it had happened it was immediately removed from the page. It looks like D.C. Republicans are so fearful of John Walsh running for Senate that they’re attacking a war hero with spam. That’s the best they got?"  an unidentified a Montana Democrat told

Walsh is expected to run for the U.S. Senate in 2014 when current U.S. Senator Max Baucus retires.

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