Mom Brings "Kid" Along to Abortion Clinic


Last week I posted on a new pro-life tactic at the EMW Women's Surgical Centerabortion mill in St. Louis of wearing vests similar to those of deathscorts when trying to reach mothers going into clinics to abort.

The same pro-abort who documented that with photos and video shot new video January 9 that I found both fascinating and disturbing.

It is disturbing 1st because obviously we're witnessing a mom on her way to kill her baby. 2nd, this particular mom, along with a significant other, brought a (born) child along, which should be considered child abuse or something. The deathscort 1st slips and rudely calls the little girl "kid" before recovering to the more courteous "child." She suggests the abortion mill might not be a good place for the little girl. She should know. But then she offers for one of the deathscorts to watch her? Puke.

Oh, well, I know the deathscort didn't shoot the video for me to scrutinize her. She shot it for us to scrutinize the pro-lifers. But I found them respectful, caring, and even angelic... a chorus of soft voices calling on the mom not to do it. We don't know if she did, but either way I doubt she'll ever be able to get those voices out of her head.


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