MLK Niece -- Abortion is "Most Racist Industry in America"


ATLANTA -- Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., today addressed the charge that opposition to the health care plan backed by President Obama is racist in nature.

"Congressman Joe Wilson's breach of etiquette was definitely wrong, but to call it racist is to cry wolf," said Dr. King. "What really is racist is singling out minorities, who now receive about two-thirds of the abortions in this country, for discriminatory treatment. Those of us who care about the civil rights of all Americans, born and unborn, oppose Obamacare because we oppose the expansion of the most racist industry in America – the abortion industry. This is why we also are asking the Justice Department to investigate the racist practices of Planned Parenthood.

"Anyone who supports so called abortion rights, even an ex-President, should check the facts and take the mote out of his own eye before calling someone else a racist," added Dr. King. "Fact one – abortion has taken 17 million African American lives since 1973. Fact two – the President's health care plan, as presently written, will dramatically add to that number as it will cause the government to start subsidizing abortions that it doesn't now.

"The abortion movement has targeted minorities since its inception," said Dr. King. "There is no greater step one can take to oppose racism today than to oppose the expansion of abortion that would take place under the health care plans currently under consideration. The choice is simple, promote health with prenatal care or promote death with abortion. I say choose life."

Dr. King will join with other African American leaders this Wednesday through Friday for a Capitol Hill education campaign on abortion and racism.

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