MLB Bans Mets from Wearing NYPD, FDNY 9/11 Tribute Hats


How out of touch are the suits at Major League Baseball? Well, they banned the Mets from wearing hats to pay tribute to the first responders who died on 9/11.

The team wanted to wear NYPD, FDNY and other hats during their game Sunday night, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

However, MLB issued an "edict" ordering the team not to wear the forbidden hats, so the Mets followed the order. reports that Major League officials physically removed the NYPD and NYFD hats from the Mets dugout so they couldn't be worn.

However, the Mets were alllowed to wear official American flag hats that had the NY Mets logo in red, white and blue -- and were amazingly on sale to fans for $36.99 at They were the same hats all Major League teams wore on July 4, 2011.

When the Mets took the field on September 21, 2001 in the first sporting event played in New York after the terror attacks, they also wanted to wear the hats. MLB said no back then as well.

But the Mets did it anyway.

“The quote was attributed to me that I said, 'They're going to have to pry them off our heads if they think we're going to take those off,'" then-Mets first baseman Todd Zeile said recently, according to "But the quote was really attributed to me because I was the player rep. It was really a collective feeling from everybody in the clubhouse, and (manager) Bobby (Valentine) included, that, 'Hey, we're wearing these out there as a tribute. This is not some trivial, novel little sign and gesture. This is a tribute. And we're going to wear these hats until we can't wear them anymore, until they're ripped off our heads.' That was the feeling we had toward New York. There was a unity there.”

The current Mets say they considered wearing the hats in violation of the league rule, but they decided not to because the team would face considerable fines. Instead, they wore them during  the pregame festivities. The hats will be auctioned to raise money for 9/11 charities.

MLB seems to have an issue with its hats. Last month after dozens of Navy SEALS were killed in Afghanistan when their helicopter was shot down, the Washington Nationals wanted to honor them by wearing the special caps usually worn on holidays such as July 4. MLB said no to that tribute as well.


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