Mitt Romney's Son Tagg Romney Signed Surrogate Birth Papers with Abortion Clause

When asked abut abortion earlier this year, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said: "I'm in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest and the health and life of the mother."

TMZ.com reports that Mitt Romney's son Tagg Romney and his wife Jen signed an agreement that gave a surrogate mom, Tagg and Jen, the right to abort a fetus in non-life threatening situation.

The Gestational Carrier Agreement dated July 28, 2011 and signed by Tagg Romney and Jen reads:

"If in the opinion of the treating physician or her independent obstetrician there is potential physical harm to the surrogate, the decision to abort or not abort is to be made by the surrogate."

All the surrogate had to show is "potential physical harm," but not necessarily anything life-threatening.

The agreement also says:

"In the event the child is determined to be physiologically, genetically or chromosomally abnormal, the decision to abort or not to abort is to be made by the intended parents. In such a case the surrogate agrees to abort, or not to abort, in accordance with the intended parents' decision."

"Any decision to abort because of potential harm to the child, or to reduce the number of fetuses, is to be made by the intended parents."

This part means that Tagg and Jen could call for an abortion if the fetus was not healthy.

Additionally, TMZ.com reports that Mitt Romney paid for some of the expenses connected with the surrogate mom arrangement. It's unknown if Mitt Romney read the contract or knew the terms.

Attorney Bill Handel, who put the deal together between Tagg and the surrogate mom told TMZ.com that when the 2009 contract was originally written, Tagg and his wife didn't want the abortion part.

Handel claims that in 2011, when the contract was being re-drafted, everyone"just forgot" to remove the controversial part: "No one noticed.  What can I say?"


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