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Mitt Romney Wants to Deport Pres. Obama's Uncle

Speaking to Boston radio host Howie Carr yesterday, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney said that he approves of deporting Kenyan immigrant Ongyango Obama, half-brother to President Obama’s father, who was arrested in August on a charge of drunk driving.

“Well, if the laws of the United States say he should be deported, and I presume they do, then of course we should follow those laws,” Romney replied, according to quotes transcribed by ABC News. “And the answer is yes.”

Ongyango was arrested outside Boston earlier this year and accused of driving while intoxicated, negligent operation of a vehicle and failing to yield, then held him even longer after authorities learned that he allegedly violated an immigration order nearly 20 years ago.

He was ultimately released on bail and ordered to check back in with authorities periodically. Obama pleaded not guilty to the charges and was still awaiting trial.


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