Mitt Romney Uses Republican Activist Ryan King as "Struggling" Man in Ad


In his latest political ad, Mitt Romney takes a pointed shot at President Barack Obama by telling the sad tale of Ryan King of Midland, Michigan.

In the video -- entitled Obama's Misery Index (appearing below) -- King talks about being a victim of the recession, forced to eat bologna sandwiches because he has only $3 to his name.

Too bad the story has holes, according to numerous outlets who have shredded Romney's latest ad as a work of fiction.

Turns out Romney's "struggling" everyman was identified as the vice treasurer of the Midland County Young Republicans by the Midland Daily News in 2009. He's apparently been an acitivst since then.

His Facebook page features him partying at the Michigan GOP Convention in 2011 (see picture at top left.

As far as his job status, perhaps blaming Obama is a little unfair as well.

According to the Daily Mail, King took to his Facebook page in May and boasted about getting a job at Quality Marketing Enterprise as a marketing accounts rep. Yet the Washington Post reports that King is no longer employed there.

Thus far, Mitt Romney has yet to address the issue. Here's Ryan's story:


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