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Mitt Romney Tells Hurricane Isaac Flood Victim to "Call 211"

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited New Orleans, Louisiana, immediately following the Republican National Convention to survey the damage and talk to flood victims of Hurricane Isaac.

However, Romney is now coming under fire for reportedly telling a Hurricane Isaac flood victim to "call 211." 

The awkward moment echoes Republican President Bush's disconnect from the New Orleans' victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The Associated Press reports:

Romney and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) spent close to an hour meeting with first responders and local officials. Romney shook hands with National Guardsmen outside the U.S. Post Office and talked with a local resident, Jodie Chiarello, 42, who lost her home in Isaac’s flooding.

“He just told me to, um, there’s assistance out there,” Chiarello said of her conversation with Romney. “He said, go home and call 211.” That’s a public service number offered in many states.

Chiarello said she will likely seek some other shelter because her home was submerged in the flooding.


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