Mitt Romney Smart Phone App Misspells 'America'


On Tuesday night, the campaign of the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, released its first smartphone app.

Within hours, however, bloggers found a spelling error, "Amercia,' and wasted no time ridiculing the app and the campaign, according to

The app allows users to shoot a photo with their phone, then emblazon it with one of 14 pro-Romney banners. 

Instead, hundreds of people seized upon the banner that said “A Better AMERCIA” and superimposed it on everything from spelling dictionaries to “The Simpsons” character Ralph Wiggum.

On Twitter, users created an #Amercia hash-tag and by Wednesday morning, it was a trending topic on the popular social media site.

Users also set up a Tumblr account and deluged Facebook with mashups of the misspelled banner.

Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul said in an MSNBC interview today: “Mistakes happen. I don’t think any voter cares about a typo at the end of the day.”

She said that the campaign has submitted a correction to Apple and that it would be available pending approval.


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