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Mitt Romney Slams Obama's Foreign Policy

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has slammed the foreign policy strategy of his 2012 rival, U.S. Presidential Barack Obama. The former Massachusetts governor predicts Obama will be remembered as “one of the very worst foreign-policy presidents in American history.”

During a Nov. 17 sit-down with conservative radio host, Hugh Hewitt, Romney ripped into Obama’s handling of the Islamic State group conflict, Business Insider reports.

“It’s a sad commentary that the president’s been so ineffective,” says Romney. “I find it troubling and revealing that the world around us is going to hell and the president takes no responsibility.”

Romney claims that Obama’s assertion that the Islamic State group had been “contained,” shortly before the Nov. 13 Paris attack proved otherwise, was evidence enough the president was not being aggressive enough in rooting out the terrorist organization, Business Insider reports.

“He told us that ISIS was contained and he was wrong,” Romney tells Hewitt. “He initially told us that he didn’t have a strategy to deal with ISIS… then he tells us that he has a tactical approach. And his approach has not worked.”

Romney has previously offered his strategy for defeating the Islamic State group, which would involve a large U.S. military presence in Syria and Iraq.

In a Nov. 15 op-ed written for The Washington Post, Romney writes:

Only America can lead this war, and that leadership means being willing to devote whatever resources are required to win — even boots on the ground. We have the best-equipped and most dedicated military for good reason. The president must stop trying to placate his political base by saying what he won’t do and tell Americans what he will do.

Romney concluded during his interview conversation with Hewitt that history will not be kind to the Obama administration handling of the War on Terror, Business Insider reports.

“"I just think that on the issue of foreign policy — and [protecting] America and America's interests, and the interest of freedom secure and strong — the president's been a disaster," Romney asserts. ”I think he may go down in history as one of the very worst foreign-policy presidents in American history… and the consequence of that is loss of life.”

Other than giving a withering critique of Obama, Romney also spent his time with Hewitt refuting rumors that he may throw his hat into the presidential ring once again, Business Insider reports.

“I’m not planning on running,” says Romney.

Sources: Business Insider, The Washington Post / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

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