Mitt Romney Slams Nonworking Parents in His Book


In his bestselling book, 'No Apology: The Case For American Greatness,'  GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney claimed that children of “nonworking parents” will be conditioned to have “an indolent and unproductive life."

Romney writes in his book:

Welfare without work erodes the spirit and the sense of self-worth of the recipient. And it conditions the children of nonworking parents to an indolent and unproductive life. Hardworking parents raise hardworking kids; we should recognize that the opposite is also true. The influence of the work habits of our parents and other adults around us as we grow up has lasting impact.

Last week the Romney campaign skewered Hillary Rosen, who said that Ann Romney had not worked a day in her life, and repeatedly claimed that stay-at-home moms do work very hard.


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