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Mitt Romney Attacks Obama For Taking Christmas Vacation

Standing on a stage in a chilly, wet field in Iowa on Friday, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney attacked President Obama for being on Christmas vacation in Hawaii.

Romney, who is running in the Iowa caucus, claimed he was standing out in the rain because he "cared about America."

“We’re out in the cold and the rain and the wind because we care about America. He just finished his 90th round of golf,” Romney told the crowd.

In contrast, Romney never criticized President George W. Bush for going on vacation during his 8 years in office. Bush spent 1020 days of his presidency on vacation, more days than President John F. Kennedy spent in office.

Several protesters tried to interrupt the rally by chanting “Why are you hiding your tax forms?” The Democratic National Committee has been demanding Mr. Romney release those forms, something not required by law, but which many presidential candidates do end up doing.


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