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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Cancel Campaign Rallies, then Rename them "Storm Relief" Events

President Obama has placed his campaigning on hold due to Hurricane Sandy. The Romney/Ryan campaign announced yesterday that it would also cancel events planned for Tuesday.

However, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan changed their minds and renamed the political rallies "storm relief" events on Tuesday, reports

Romney attended a “hurricane relief charity event” event in Kettering, Ohio this morning, with race car driver Richard Petty and country singer  Randy Owen, who were scheduled for his "political event" this morning at the same location. 

Yes, the same location. With the same people.

And here's where it gets odd. Reporters are tweeting on that the "storm relief" events included numerous accounts of politicking, reports

USA Today‘s Jackie Kucinich tweeted: “Campaign video playing at ‘storm relief event’ – there is an area roped off for supplies."

Kucinich also tweeted that the Zac Brown Band song played  a song at a Romney rally that included the lyric: “Knee deep in the water somewhere.”

New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro tweeted that a sign at the Trent Arena in Kettering, Ohio read: “Republican Campaign Rally.”'s James Hohmann tweeted: “So far Romney’s OH disaster relief event has every touchstone of a normal rally. Same warm up songs: Only in America, Hollywood Nights, etc. 'Dancing in the street’ just played at Romney’s Ohio event.” reporter Josh Marshall wrote on Twitter: “Is any reporter silly enough not to just say that Romney is continuing to campaign? Storm relief events’ in Ohio w/ camp vids? Really?”

NPR White House Correspondent Ari Shapiro tweeted a picture of his press badge, which called the “storm relief event” in Dayton, Ohio a “victory rally.”

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