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Missouri State Rep. Eric Burlison Uses Gun Control Bill for Target Practice (Video)

Missouri State Rep. Eric Burlison recently took a copy of proposed House Bill 545, which would ban assault weapons, to a shooting range and recorded a video (below) where it was shot up with bullets.

“If you don’t relinquish these weapons then you’ll be a felon and you’ll potentially serve in jail,” Burlison said of the bill.

According to, the names of the four Democratic state lawmakers sponsoring the gun safety bill are displayed on the video.

In the video, Burlison goes to a local gun store where he meets a woman who said the bill, which simply bans assault weapons, is “confusing” and creates “too much red tape.”

“I just found out that they’re going to make my grandpa go turn in his guns,” the woman fumes. “A felon! It’s nuts! And who’s going to administrate all these laws? You know, we’re just building a bigger government.”

Later in the video, Burlison takes the bill to a firing range where an unidentified gun owner shoots the bill with a pistol (which is not banned by the bill).



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