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Missouri House Votes to Protect Gun Owners, Not Gays

Recently, the Missouri House advanced a new nondiscrimination bill that protects gun owners. The bill would ensure that anyone who legally carries a firearm cannot be fired, denied benefits, or otherwise discriminated against for that choice.

St. Louis Public Radio reports that State Rep. Wanda Brown (R, Cole Camp), who sponsored the bill, said: "There was a meat-packing plant in northern Kansas City, it was in a bad neighborhood.

"The owner would carry his gun to work, and he was told that if he didn’t quit carrying his gun, the USDA would not come and inspect his product, therefore he couldn't sell his product.”

However, not everyone is happy. Open gay Rep. Mike Colona (D) pointed out that “what this body has done is put protecting gun ownership above discriminating against somebody because of their sexual orientation, and I just don’t think that’s right.”

Missouri has no laws that protect LGBT people from employment or housing discrimination.


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