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Missouri Bill Requires Both Parents' Consent For A Minor's Abortion

An abortion bill introduced on Friday in Missouri would require both parents to be notified before a doctor would be permitted to perform an abortion on a minor.

Currently the law requires only one parent or a judge to give permission for a girl under age 18 to undergo an abortion.

Republican Rep. Rocky Miller said he sponsored House Bill 1192 because of a personal experience with his own daughter after he divorced her mother.

Miller says he learned eight years ago that his daughter was pregnant, while she was still a minor.

After talking her out of having an abortion, Miller decided he and his ex-wife would raise their grandchild, so that their daughter could lead an average teenage life.

He was shocked to learn, however, that under current Missouri law, his daughter could have gotten an abortion with his ex-wife’s consent and he wouldn’t have known about it.

Miller says he hopes the bill will garner both pro-life and pro-choice votes because he believes it’s not restrictive.

“[It] does not restrict anything,” he added. “It just makes sure the right people are informed of the welfare of their children.”

However he says the measure would allow parents the opportunity to intervene.

“This bill is a positive change and avoids a serious medical procedure being performed on their minor child without their knowledge,” Miller said.

Sources: TheBlaze, Breitbart


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