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Misrepresented Immigration Law Stirs Confusion

The new immigration law in Arizona is a racist endeavor reminiscent of Nazi Germany. The law was enacted by the racist white establishment in order to persecute minorities and treat them with suspicion. The people of this nation are strictly against enforcing this law as it targets the civil rights of Hispanics. These are not the views of those who have read the bill signed by Jan Brewer. Instead these are the tenets of those fighting SB1070. They may be a bit misguided...

It's no surprise that “racist” would be the song sung in this day and age. Those who have disagreed with the rumors surrounding this new statute, mainly in the media, have used the cry of racism to advance many of their arguments. No one enjoys being called a racist and many will do whatever it takes to remove themselves from the receiving end of such titles, even to the point of losing the argument. These attacks from the media, encouraging minority anger, are fueling the embers which could spark racial violence as many people become confused about the bill..

The Administration sings a slightly different tune, speaking up on how civil rights could potentially be violated by the bill. They dismiss the fact that any law already on the books could be construed in such a way that it could violate one's civil rights. Such faults lie on the integrity of the police officers. One should expect more professionalism and civility from law enforcement officers in Arizona, nearly half of which are Hispanic. Especially since they would be held accountable if they abuse the law, another provision in SB1070.

The Statute would allow for law enforcement officials to request, during any routine stop or interview, identification to prove one is a legal resident. It is no different than being asked for driver's license or other identification during an interview. It is a personal responsibility expected of everyone, aimed at dwindling down the number of people breaking laws by living in the US illegally.

"It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree but also introduces a terrible idea using racial profiling as a basis for law enforcement," said Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico, concerning the law. With regards to the first part of the statement he couldn't be more honest. The reality of the Mexican people fleeing his country en mass and the corruption in Mexican border security are problematic and cannot be stopped entirely with Arizona's new law. It's also a case of the pot calling the kettle black as the Mexican government employs far more strict punishment when its borders are abused.

Members of the Administration have gone on to say that they disagrees with the law before even reading the sixteen (16) pages it consists of. “I have not had a chance to, I've glanced at it, I've not read it,” was Attorney General Eric Holder's response on C-SPAN to Congressman Ted Poe when asked if he's read the law. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano had made similar statements after the bill was signed.

However, those who have read the law have acknowledged this truth behind its purpose. The Arizona law, which enacts the Federal law at a State-level statute, seeks to mimics what's already on the books yet not enforced. This initiative from Arizona comes after border violence along its Southern border has escalated. Drug-runners and cartels leaving Mexico have terrorized cities and residents all along the US border. In addition migrant workers remain out of our tax system while getting paid slave wages, corporate greed the only one to see any true benefit. There are an estimated 11.5 illegal immigrants in America, 500,000 of which reside in Arizona.

The confusion in the air may very easily be cleaned up if only individuals would read it for themselves rather than assume something out of ignorance. At the very least reading the bill would sort and remove the emotional and irrational responses in order to understand its intentions. There are expectations of our elected officials and the people working with and for them as well - the most rudimentary of expectations – to read and understand what is written.

SB1070 can be found here.


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