Minnesotan Republican Party Posts, Then Deletes, Facebook Meme Comparing Abortion To Slavery


The Chicago County, Minn. Republican Party posted a Facebook meme today intending to compare choosing whether or not to keep an unborn child with choosing whether or not to buy a slave.

The meme depicted an old, black-and-white sketch drawing of a slave auction, and the caption read “Pro - Choice. Against slavery? Don’t buy one.” This, obviously, was an attempt to demonstrate that slavery was something horrible that was justly banned, and that abortion is also something horrible that should be banned.

Of course, this convoluted rationale only makes sense if you think deeply about the image and its caption, and even then it might still be considered distasteful. On the surface, it just seems racist. Unsurprisingly, not many outside of the Chisago County Republican Party found the joke to be too humorous. 

The political party quickly deleted the post after it quickly gained significant backlash. The Party, of course, was eager to dispel responsibility, claiming the Facebook page has a “large number of administrators” and that it was investigating the incident to discover the author of the post, the Huffington Post reports. How and why the image made its way on to the site remains unclear. 

“The Chisago County Republican Party is very sorry that something so clearly improper (either intended or in poor taste) ever made it to our page. Postings like this are not representative of our party. We are a party that believes in Freedom for all Americans regardless of race or religion. It is after all where the Republican Party came from in its origins, the anti-slavery movement,” the party’s executive committee wrote in a follow-up post on Facebook.


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