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Milton Wolf, Obama's Cousin, Compared Him to Hitler, Vies for Senate

Milton Wolf is a tea party Republican from Kansas. He is challenging the influential three-term U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, Republican, in an August primary in that state. He is also a distant cousin to President Barack Obama.

Wolf has been making headlines recently because he has has raised questions over Roberts’ true residence and whether he should be allowed to continue to run for Senate from Kansas.  

Wolf’s campaign began airing a radio ad on conservative talk radio stations in Kansas, pointing out that Roberts owns a home in Dodge City, Kan., but that home is rented to others.

Roberts lists his voting address as the home of political supporters where he claims to rent a room.

"I have full access to the recliner," Roberts has joked.

"He lives in Virginia," a narrator says in Wolf’s radio ad. ”Right by Washington.”

Some conservatives fear that such a damaging allegation may do real damage to Roberts’ re-election efforts.  

While Wolf is not a well-known contender and has less than $200,000 to fund his campaign’s final six months, a low turnout at the primary may be all he needs to defeat Roberts. Such turnouts usually favor ultra-conservatives in primaries.

Ultra-conservative may prove to be just the right description for Wolf, who has compared his cousin, the president, to both Hitler and Mussolini.  

In one unsettling quote from his Twitter account, @miltonwolfmd, Wolf asked, "Other than killing Jews, what domestic policy of the Nazis do today's American liberals oppose?”

Before that, he compared Obama’s economic policies to the Holocaust, tweeting, "Scapegoats of history: Hitler - Jews & gypsies. Mussolini - Jews & Bolsheviks. #Obama - Successful Americans.”

Wolf, who is a radiologist, has been a vehement opponent of the president’s signature Affordable Care Act and has described such domestic policies as wealth redistribution, class warfare and collectivism.

In a column he wrote for the Washington Times, Wolf said, ”Enforcement of collectivism has always depended on government power, from Stalin's iron-fisted gulags to Mr. Obama's mere heavy-handed plan for punitive fines for failure to purchase your government-imposed health insurance,” showing he has no shortage of unfavorable historical comparisons for the president.

Wolf still has a tough road of him. With only six months to go before the primary, the only poll conducted in the race showed he trailed by 44 points.

He continues, though, to make headlines with his comments.

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