Million Vet March Distances Itself From Sarah Palin, Sen. Ted Cruz


The organizers of the “Million Vet March on the Memorials” are distancing themselves from anti-Obama Tea Party supporters, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Fox News commentator Sarah Palin, who crashed the event this past weekend.

In addition to Palin and Sen. Cruz, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) also showed up to politicize the march, which quickly turned into an anti-Obama rally, notes

On their website, the Million Vet March on the Memorials states:

The political agenda put forth by a local organizer in Washington DC was not in alignment with our message.  We feel disheartened that some would seek to hijack the narrative for political gain.

The core principle is about all Americans honoring Veterans in a peaceful and apolitical manner. Mr. Cruz, Ms. Palin and some attendees, including political parties may have not been aware of the goals of the marches which took place in over 60+ rallies across the nation.

As noted, Palin told Fox News at the Million Vet March that the only way to end the government shutdown was to continue the government shutdown (video below).

"Well, you know the good guys, who have already voted and decided to fund essential services of the government, they cannot capitulate at this time," said Palin. "They cannot wave a white flag and say, 'Mr. President, Democrats, you can have your blank check,' we're already $17 trillion dollars in debt'"

"We cannot tell them, 'You can have your blank check and keep incurring more and more debt and bankrupt this great country of ours.' So number  one, the Republicans have to stand strong and not give in," said Palin, who seemed to be unaware that the Democrats and President Obama have never asked for a "blank check."



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