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Mike Huckabee's Wife Janet Claims: "Women are Really on Fire for Todd Akin"

Fox News host Mike Huckabee has been one of Rep. Todd Akin’s biggest boosters, even since Rep. Akin claimed that women could somehow "shut down" and not get pregnant from a  "legitimate rape."

Now, Mike Huckabee's wife Janet Huckabee is also supporting Rep. Akin, who has fallen behind Sen. Claire McCaskill in the polls.

Janet Huckabee recently told conservative radio show host Janet Mefferd that “women are really on fire for Todd Akin," reports

Janet Huckabee said: "I think women are really on fire for Todd Akin. They’re out there, they’re praying for him, they’re lifting him up in prayer, they’re giving financially... Women know what they want and right now I think they want Todd Akin to be their senator."

Janet Huckabee did not address Rep. Akin's "legitimate rape" comment.


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