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Mike Huckabee, Ted Nugent Joke About Hunting Democrats (Audio)

Fox News host Mike Huckabee welcomed NRA board member Ted Nugent to his radio show today, where the two joked about hunting Democrats.

They didn't begin the interview with Nugent's recent attacks against black people, but rather with his hunting dog, "Gonzo," noted (audio below).

"You've got one of the most amazing dogs I've ever seen work in the woods and you gotta bring him with you when you come hunting," gushed Huckabee.

"Nobody hunts more than the Nugent family. We literally hunt between 250 and 300 days a year. You think Gonzo is good on ducks, you should see him on squirrels, doves, rabbits and woodcock. He really is a mystical, wonderful hunting dog," said Nugent.

Huckabee then added: “Maybe we ought to turn him loose on some Democrats and see if he can hunt them too."

“There’s a lot of varmints out there and I think he would do good pointing [out] varmints and then we can vote them out of office," replied Nugent.



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