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Mike Huckabee Goes Hunting: Rumors Swirl About Whether Pheasant Was Released In Front Of Him (Video)

A video (below) of Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee shooting a pheasant, which may have been released near his gun, recently surfaced on Twitter.

The video was posted on Nov. 2 by Huckabee advisor J. Hogan Gidley who wrote the caption: "HUNTING VIDEO: @GovMikeHuckabee just obliterates this pheasant in Iowa." reported the bird "appears to have been deliberately released into his firing line from maybe 15 yards away from where he stood."

Photojournalist Mark Kauzlarich, who was present during the hunt, tweeted in response: "no, there were no captive pheasants on the 1,000 acre game reserve."

Kauzlarich also tweeted: "On guided hunts, the dog will find and point at a bird, and either another dog or the guide (seen here) will flush it."

Skeptics on Twitter weren't buying it:

"Seems like this is about as sporting as an execution, no?"

"maybe they didnt start the day a captive, but that bird came out of a bag"

"still looked like a really sh---- hunting experience. Was he blindfolded? Then I might be impressed"

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